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How To Minimize The Effects Of AllergiesHow To Minimize The Effects Of Allergies

Ensure that every room in your home has proper ventilation, including the bathroom (showering volatiles certain additives such as chlorine – that may be in the water – this can lead to a buildup of chlorine and chloroform; if it all possible, stay away from using vinyl shower curtains since they have been proven to release dioxin, a known carcinogen). If you click on the word dioxin, it’ll directly connect the readers to your article – I felt that so many are not aware of this toxin as well. By the way, I added a link to your article concerning the purchasing of vinyl shower curtains. Soft leather shoes and sandals are a better choice than the cheap plastic and vinyl shoes that are now popular. I normally use a leather cleaner to clean my leather couches, but when I am out of leather cleaner, I use Pledge to clean them.

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Clean the bowl each night. Keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness. These stairs are much easier to keep clean then carpet. It is a sad reality that children – especially toddlers – are more susceptible to the adverse effects of the toxins caused by the bevy of chemicals used, or unknowingly surrounding us in our own homes. I agree with you, rather we have children or not, reducing the toxins in our enviroment is good for not only the planet, but every living thing on it. According to a 2009 issue of Latina magazine, if parents thought they only had to worry about the effects of second-hand smoke on their children, they have another thing to worry about. Plus it is the right thing to do for our planet. You are so right creativeone59 – it doesn’t have to be an unsurmountable task, but baby steps will help make some great changes in our home’s evironment. There are literally over 100,000 chemicals available on the market today and unbeknownst to the masses, individuals (especially children) are more likely to have the greatest contact with these potentially lethal pollutants inside the one place they consider the safest and the least effected – their own homes.

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Thereby, making our children’s home environment a happier, healthier, safer one. The other one is smaller in room size but the square footage is almost the same as the 14 room one is. In the event you treat a room with chemical pesticides, keep all toys out of the room for up to two weeks. I wanted to build out a home movie theater in our vacation rental, since I’m fairly handy it’s something that I was comfortable doing myself. I don’t have small children, however, I want to have a healthy environment for my nieces and nephews that may visit my home as well as myself. Such an important issue raises a valid question – How can parents create a safe and healthy home environment for their children, ensuring them a safe and healthy life? Thank you Veronica for a very informative hub on creating a safe and healthy environment.

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Creating A Safe And Healthy Home Environment For Your Child. I wasn’t really aware of just how much control I had over making my own home toxic free until my youngest started suffering from ezcema due to an exposure to pesticide spray that was mandated to be sprayed in our apartments every month. I remember when I started implementing these practices in my very own home, how overwhelm I felt at first. In the event you purchase new furniture for your home, request that the dirt and stain repellent treatments are not used on the purchased pieces. Termed as “third-hand smoke,” this recently coined term describes the 250 invisible chemicals, gases and metals that cling to hair, clothing, curtains and furniture. Unfortunately, with our chemically laden carpets and rugs, regular in-home (and out) pesticide control, everyday cleaning supplies and other hidden chemicals, it’s a harsh reality that the products we use in our very homes, just may be affecting the health of us and our children. Some adults argue that when they were children their parents didn’t worry about such precautions and they turned out fine. With this said, it has become quite a challenge for many parents to ensure both the safety and health of the smallest, most defenseless victims – their children.

This new children’s products safety guide helps parents navigate around bogus claims and find safer products with fewer ingredients linked to allergies, cancer, and other concerns for children. Opt for a more natural approach to cleaning by choosing natural cleaning products. We need to spend our money more wisely and stop buying toxic products – and take off your shoes when you come indoors – so easy! Wash them about every two weeks unless they are showing they are obviously in need of a bath sooner. In the event you are not able to remove your homes carpeting, use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to drastically reduce the toxins collected and embedded on a daily basis. Simply turning on a fan, or opening a window or a door is not enough to rid your home of such toxins. To drastically reduce the amount of lead, pesticides, and other chemicals that you or your loved ones may pick up outside, get everyone in the habit of wiping their feet before entering your home.

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