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Step 4. Clean the fence with a power washer. This will allow you to power wash and seal on the same day! Then look no further than the stains we offer from Stain & Seal Experts. Depending on what product you use, but if it’s an oil-based product (like Ready Seal), you’ll need mineral spirits to clean up your brushes, roller frames, and pans. It’s quick drying and low odour and like a couple of the other products on the list, safe to use around pets and plants. Once you’ve got your measurements worked out, you’ll need to decide on the type of material you’re going to use. It is possible that this fence type may even outlast your home. Picket fences have a classic look that not only encloses your yard, offering privacy and safety, but also add beauty to your home. Vinyl picket fences typically come in pre-made sections that you simply put together. Apply the stain in two- to three-foot sections of the fence at a time, taking care to back-brush, or re-paint over uncovered areas left by the previous stroke, with a wide brush.

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If so, clean the fence a couple of days before you plan to stain it. You’ll need a few days of dry, warm weather, both before and after you stain. Keep any left over stain for touch-ups and other wood staining projects. Staining a wood fence requires using a combination of rollers and brushes. This is why HOA’s love capped cellular PVC fencing – because capped cellular PVC fencing provides a natural wood textured appearance and rich colors which easily blend into the surroundings, adding a sense of elegance and style to the neighborhood. This is also a great boost for the neighborhood reputation to enhance property values since you won’t have to deal with the graying or rotting fences that will need replacement over time. While it was a good attempt to reuse and recycle material which would have otherwise been wasted, it just didn’t make the cut, having to also be replaced over time.

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These opaque stains will hide the grain of the wood and may peel or crack like paint over time. The reason you are going to be doing this is that, this way you can get an exact reading of how much material you will need by measuring square feet. You are going to want to drive metal stakes ever 6 to 8 feet apart, for this is where your fence posts are going to be. They introduce harmful chemicals into your lawn and drive up the price of your project. Pet friendly yards should have secure places for storing herbicides and other chemicals. In addition, afterward you will have a beautiful looking fence, while you are still at the hardware store; buy you some stain finish to apply to your fence. How Soon After Installing a New Fence Do We Paint/ Stain It? What type of maintenance is required to keep the fence looking nice? This type of privacy fence is easy to build and anyone can do it, there is however, a little bit of measuring and mathematical skills required. The type of materials you decide on can also have a bearing on the size of the fence, and you should always plan to buy a bit more than you need in case of mistakes or other problems.

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The problem is that many people aren’t all that certain how to stain their fence, which puts them in a bind that requires either paying to have it done, or putting forth an amateurish effort. The color and grain pattern of the wood isn’t critical, since you can always stain or paint it anyway. These pigments have more resistance to powerful UV rays and hold their color better and longer than cheaper alternatives. The darker the toner the better the production and the longer it will last and protect your wood. Those looking to enhance the wood’s natural properties will love the translucent nature of this product, while those wanting to make sure that their fence benefits from the highest levels of protection should take note of its resistance against mould, algae, UV radiation, peeling and cracking. Set all of the fence post about 1/3 or their total length buried in the ground for support use gravel followed by concrete, then use a level to make sure you post is level.

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